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Mantra Facial Membership
  • Mantra Facial Membership

    Because your face needs constant maintenance!

    Each membership includes:

    5 Sessions of Facial Mantra 50 min (includes shot of vitamins with ultrasound)

    - If Applicable for Gift Certificate

    SESSIONS: 5 per Membership


    SERVICE: Individual

    When making your purchase you will be sent an email with the confirmation and order number.

    In any of the cases, if it is for a gift or for personal use, a Personalized Gift Card will be sent to you so that you can make it valid whenever you want, if it is for a gift, check the instructions below shown.

    As we love to personalize our experiences, we ask you to send us the following information via whatsapp or e-mail to be able to make your Gift Card

    * We ask you to include Full Names
    - In order to
    - From
    - Special Message
    - E-mails
    - WhatsApp and buyer's name

    - Branch for use of Gift Card (Downtown Valley or Pueblo Serena)

    Downtown Valley (81) 1935 0237
    Serena Town (81) 17871876

    $7,400.00 Regular Price
    $5,500.00Sale Price
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