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Masajes en Monterrey y San Pedro. Mantra Mind & Body Spa
  • Mantra Facial Cleansing

    Facial treatment where we do deep cleaning that is based on moisturizing the skin and maintaining its vitality and radiance by providing energy to the cells.


    And additionally, the application of a shot of vitamins and minerals that the therapist recommends best for your skin type is performed, whether it is Collagen, hyaluronic acid, placenta or vitamin C  with use of Ultrasound so that the nutrients reach deep layers of your skin and achieve the best results.


    During the application of the mask, a Cranio-facial Massage or hand reflexology is included. For all skin types.


    ** Add Microdermabrasion Session add-ons for $290


    CABIN:  Single

    When making your purchase, an email will be sent to you with the confirmation and order number.

    In any of the cases, if it is for a gift or for personal use, a Gift Card will be sent to you in a personalized way so that you can make it valid whenever you want. If it is for a gift, check the instructions shown below.

    As we love to personalize our experiences, we ask you to send us the following information via whatsapp or e-mail so that we can make your Gift Card

    * We ask you to include Full Names
    - For
    - Of
    - Special Message
    - Emails
    - Whatsapp and name of the buyer

    - Branch for use of Gift Card(Centrito Valle or Pueblo Serena)

    downtown valley(81)1935 0237
    serene town(81)17871876

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