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Masajes en Monterrey y San Pedro. Mantra Mind & Body Spa
  • Firming Mantra Facial with Face-lift

    With this super complete facial your skin will be delighted!


    It is a super firming and wrinkle smoothing treatment with an immediate visible effect that prevents and corrects existing signs of aging and premature aging.


    It works by preserving and repairing the functionality of the skin and its elastic fibers (collagen and elastin) through its antioxidant action, thus restoring its firmness.

    Thanks to our innovative firming and smoothing massage techniques, we achieve a perfecting lifting with which we can immediately see (from the first session) the most defined contours and a great filling effect.


    In addition to treating the skin and reshaping the face, this beauty ritual provides relaxation and disconnection from day to day, thanks to the performance (at different times during the treatment) of deep breaths and the stimulation of different energy points, together with a delicious massage with cold stones on the face (rose quartz gua-sha) that helps to perfect the lines of the face and reduce expression lines.





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