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Manicure Deluxe Spa
  • Manicure Deluxe Spa

    SKU: 80003

    Delicious and exquisite complete treatment for your hands

    Our ritual in hands consists of a bath with epsom salts and Vitamin E to soften and nourish the skin of our hands, we continue with a delicious deep organic seasonal exfoliation from the elbows to the tips of our fingers. The basic steps of a manicure are followed and immediately we apply the seasonal organic mask that conditions and hydrates the skin, we continue with a light massage on the hands and arms of 10 min from elbows to the fingers of the hands with a shot of essential oils. We finish with the Regular enamelling.

    * Add Gel Polish for an additional $ 80
    * Add Paraffin in feet for an additional $ 60


    CABIN: Individual

    When making your purchase you will be sent an email with the confirmation and order number.

    In any of the cases, if it is for a gift or for personal use, a Personalized Gift Voucher will be sent to you so that you can make it valid whenever you want.

    In case it is a Gift Card to give away, we ask you to provide us with the requested information.

    From - To - Special Message - Emails to send - Occasional reason such as birthdays, valentines, anniversary, etc.

    You can contact us via whatsapp of the branch of your preference

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