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Manicure Scrub
  • Manicure Scrub

    SKU: 80001

    Show off beautiful hands!

    It begins with a delicious natural exfoliation and continues with the classic steps of manicure, cutting or pushing the cuticle, nail filing, cuticle oil and application of moisturizer. It ends with the application of Regular Enamel of your choice.

    * Add gel polish $ 80

    * Add Hydrating Paraffin for hands $ 60


    CABIN: Individual

    When making your purchase you will be sent an email with the confirmation and order number.

    In any of the cases, if it is for a gift or for personal use, a Personalized Gift Voucher will be sent to you so that you can make it valid whenever you want.

    In case it is a Gift Card to give away, we ask you to provide us with the requested information.

    From - To - Special Message - Emails to send - Occasional reason such as birthdays, valentines, anniversary, etc.

    You can contact us via whatsapp of the branch of your preference

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