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Detox Ritual
  • Detox Ritual

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    Improves well-being by activating circulation and improving metabolism. We activate circulation with a dry scrub with a brush (for personal use). We continue with an exfoliation with Himalayan salts and a body wrap based on algae and spirulina.

    The seaweed wrap acts as an anti-cellulite and a metabolism activator. Produces a tightening and revitalizing effect. Trace mineral minerals and algae give the skin a renewed effect. Cleanses, rehydrates and nourishes the skin, helping to eliminate toxins and reshape the silhouette.

    It ends with a 45-minute DLM massage with organic coconut oil hydration.

    Your experience includes:
    - Welcome Ritual
    - Hot towels treatment with aromatherapy


    CABIN: Individual

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