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Individual Jacuzzi Spa Session
  • Individual Jacuzzi Spa Session

    Do you want to upgrade your Experience at Mantra Mind Body spa?

    Don't forget to add this plugin to your service!


    How does it work?

    You can add it to any service or individual Spa Ritual.

    The  Courtesy appetizers can be enjoyed in the Jacuzzi. 


    In this session we include:

    - Bath Bomb based on natural essential oils to choose from  that will relax you and make you feel super fresh  and radiant  when you leave your  bubble bath!

    - Chromotherapy session 

    The mixture of water with colors  can help recover and  improve health   besides helping your complete relaxation.

    - Rose quartz salts for the purification and detox of your skin


    The total time of the Jacuzzi service is 20min

    The price is for one person


    ** Can only be added as a plugin to  spa services.

    Your purchase is not valid individually


    To make  your purchase will be sent an email with confirmation and order number.

    In any of the cases, if it is for a gift or for personal use, a Gift Card will be sent to you in a personalized way so that you can make it valid whenever you want. If it is for a gift, check the instructions shown below.

    As we love to personalize our experiences, we ask you to send us the following information via whatsapp or e-mail to be able to make your Gift Card

    * We ask you to include Full Names
    - For
    - From
    - Special Message
    - Emails
    - Whatsapp and name of the buyer

    - Branch for Gift Card use (Centrito Valle or Pueblo Serena)

    Central Valley (81)1935 0237
    Serena Town (81)17871876

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